After the acquisition of the ownership of the remaining floor on 25 September 3 str., in Athens, by the municipality, we proposed, except for the living room that was united to increase the gathering space, the rest of the space to function as a temporary residence for the needy Nisyrians when they are in Athens. Our proposal was accepted, but due to inherent difficulties and the pandemic, the necessary work was not progressing.

Thus, on the proposal of our President, the BoD of our Society, decided to take responsibility for the execution of the works. The works were completed at a very reasonable cost, as well as the equipment and so, on Sunday, March 20, the consecration took place by Fr. Efstathios Arkamouzis and in the presence of the mayor Mr. Chr. KoronaioS, the M.P. Mr. Vas. Ypsilantis, the Presidents of the Federation of Dodecanesian Society in Athens Mr. I. Frangoulis and the Kleovoulos Cultural Foundation Mr. F. Kaloudis, the Treasurer of Dodecanesian Melissa, Mrs. B. Nikolopoulou, the President and members of the BoD of our Society, many members of GNOMAGORAS and a limited numbers of our compatriots due to health measures.

It is noted that all the electrical equipment was donated by our compatriots from Florida America, to whom, and especially to President N. Injes, both the mayor and our President expressed their warm thanks.

It is the wish of all of us, this place to really help our compatriots and everyone to leave with pleasant memories.