From the newspapers, we were informed that the retired seaman from Tilos, Mr. G. Manousakis, donated his house in Tilos to the Rhodes Orphanage, "for the children to take a vacation", and then offered to the General Hospital of Rhodes, all his deposits, amounting to 80,000.00 EUROS, to cover various needs. We considered it our duty to propose to the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy and the President of NAT, to call the seaman and congratulate him for his altruistic feelings. Our proposal was accepted, the seaman was invited to Piraeus and in special ceremonies, he was awarded by both the minister and the president of NAT, but also by the "Ekaterini Laskaridis" foundation. One more our initiative had a positive outcome.

  • The "Marilena Laskaridis" award, for excellence in maritime culture and assistance to Greek maritime heritage and tradition, was awarded to Mr. Ioannis Manousakis in recognition of his selfless contribution to the communities of Tilos and Rhodοs islands.

  • The President of NAT with Mr. Manousakis