Through the recent modernization of the memorandum of the Society, the social awareness on environmental issues has been added to its aims so that the ecological harmony of our island is protected. To this direction intense efforts are placed towards protecting, to the extent of our capabilities, the built and natural environment as well.

The largest environmental problem, which Nisyros faces lately, is beyond any doubt the possibility of the exploitation of the high enthalpy geothermal fields, which have been detected in the subsoil of the island.

1. Article of Ν. Nikolopoulos, Α. Sfakianakis, Ν. Frantzis

2. Scientists warn

3. Opinions-objections of Nisyrian communal associations to the Regulatory Authority for Energy regarding the application of ppc renewables s.a. for the issuing of an exploitation licence for the geothermal field of Nisyros

4. Nisyros and RES apllication scenarios for electricity production

5. The response to a letter titled «Geothermy in Nisyros», published in the e-newspaper VERENA, by an anonymous sender, with the pseudonym "POLYVOTIS".

6. Letter to the ministry of Enviroment Mr. G. Stathakis.